Free drum kits, loops and samples download

I wanted to share this video because i know many of you looking for Free drum kits, loops samples and drum vst plugins. Most free plugins are crap, so this video might be useful for you. Forget about “free drum kit” videos on youtube, they all promote the same crap. This guy recommends a warez site the download the cracked version of every major DAW software and VST plugins for free…There are also a lot of different loops,samples and other softwares.


Studio one download video tutorial

In my previous post i already shared a link for a great warez site wich offers,studio one for absolutely free. This video demonstrates how to download files from this kind of sites…Download every rar file one by one, then extract and merge them into one file and install the software. Pretty easy, i hope it will make it easier for everyone!

Studio One free download

If you are looking for a free version of this amazing DAW then click on the Presonus Studio one free download link and it will redirect you to a third party site where you can download the latest version. Its cracked and comes with all the licensing stuff. I have tried a few softwares from that site and all work. It comes with studio one license key.

studio one free download

When Presonus came out with Studio One, they made sure it would reach every music enthusiast who wanted to record their compositions with the help of this highly advanced recording software that gave its users numerous features. If you are quick to judge a book from its cover, then you would not fall in love with this recording software at first sight. It is recommended that you dive a little deeper into the sea of features and advanced customization options. It is an ultra powerful program which will help you with your recording endeavors with its advanced functionalities and amazing plugins. The high quality of this software can be seen and felt in many different parts of it. Let us do a thorough analysis of what this recording studio has to offer. Here are the specifications of Studio one free download option:

  • The user interface
    • The interface of Studio One is a matte grey and has light blue controls.
    • This does not make for the most beautiful color scheme and can also be described as an acquired taste.
    • Its design and placement of its controls, however, is a definite plus.
    • The file browser sits conveniently to the right and holds all information regarding the plug-ins, music loops, and effects.
    • Within the interface, you will see mixer and arrangement windows placed conveniently within your reach.
    • The simllicity and ease the interface provides is definitely appreciable.
  • The specifications
    • The music recording software can be used on both Windows and Apple Mac platforms.
    • It supports Mac OS X 10.7.2 or later and Windows 7 and Windows 8 platforms.
    • The minimum RAM requirement to run this software is 2 GB but 4 GB or more is recommended.
    • Internet connection is not required to use this software but for licensing and registration, it is a definite need.
    • Presonus Studio One enables the user to import and export external mp3 files.
    • The software also includes a full 16 GB of third party content.
    • In case of Presonus studio one free download make sure it comes with studio one license file
  • Effects
    • The software showcases a range of 8 virtual instruments and 28 special effects.
    • The ability to chain multiple instruments is not as optimum as one would like.
    • The lag is definitely something anyone would be annoyed about.
  • Customer support
    • One of the best things about this sound recording software is the fact that its customer care is the best.
    • They actually listen to what their customers have to say and suggest!
    • Many new versions have seen some popular demands catered to, issues resolved in a quick and efficient way, and an overall positive change from the previous version.
    • One can expect the next version to be even better than the currenr one!
    • If you get a pirated version the support doesn’t really matter anymore just make sure it comes with Studio one license


Despite its flaws, there are numerous great things about this software that makes it one of the best in the world of sound recording. Studio one license

Its simple user interface and myriad of features makes it a truly helpful tool. For
Studio One free download check the second article, the download link is placed there.

Happy producing guys!

UPDATE: I finally found a workinfóg cracked version of studio one, you can download it here:

Presonus Studio One download for windows and mac.